Omiyage Culture In Japan

Japanese food story TOMO travels

If you are familiar with Japan, you might have heard about omiyage (お土産). It is a huge deal in Japan since it can impact your relationships in your company! This term is often translated by “souvenir” or “gift”, but the meaning is slightly different. 
Indeed, an omiyage is a term used to describe a type of food from a specific geographical area. When Japanese people are traveling across Japan for their pleasure or their work, they always take time to find an omiyage for their surroundings. You must have the perfect number and the perfect size, and most importantly, the omiyage itself, this is why Japanese people always take time to stop at the souvenirs shops in the train stations or the tourist spots. 
You can also try to find the perfect omiyage for your family and friends! Just look around the different shops next to the stations or touristic spots, and make your surrounding traveling to Japan with you with some Japanese delicacies! Castella from Nagasaki, Karukan from Kagoshima, GENSHIN from Nagano, Hagi no Tsuki from Miyagi… There is a wide choice! Travel isn’t only about places, it is also about food!
Let us know in the comment which one would you like to try or to offer! And don’t forget to check our omiyage in our website!

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