TOMO at Kinomiya shrine!

Kinomiya shrine is located in Atami, in Shizuoka prefecture. 
It is said that if you pray around the oldest tree of the shrine, called "Okusu", your lifespan will increase from one year! This is why this sacred place is attracting more and more visitors, who come praying for their wealth and luck. 
Kinomiya shrine is also a great place to relax, there are a coffee shop and many well-placed photobooths!
You can enjoy an Amazake smoothie while enjoying the scenary! 
During the New Year, TOMO Ise Hikari Rice was used as an offering for the shintō traditional ceremony, called "Oshōgatsu"!
Did you know about this place? Have you ever been there? Show us on Instagram your best pics there! Take care and stay safe at home!