• Ikebana Gifts

    Ikebana Gifts

    Enjoy gardening at home with our easy-to-use Japanese floral goods!  

  • Isehikari Rice Gifts

    Isehikari Rice Gifts

    50% less pesticides, herbicides, and insecticides. Traditional mizuhiki printed for easy gift... 

  • Japanese Skincare & Hygiene Gifts

    Japanese Skincare & Hygiene Gifts

    Protect your skin with our range of Japanese natural products. 

  • Otsumami and delicacies

    Otsumami and delicacies

    In Japan, the word "otsumami" refers to snacks that you eat traditionally... 

  • Sets and gift boxes

    Sets and gift boxes

    Enjoy our various sets, gift boxes and special deals. 

  • Subscribe and Save

    Subscribe and Save

    Subscribe and save up to 10% on your favorite Japanese products: Genshin... 

  • Tableware and Bento Boxes

    Tableware and Bento Boxes

    Offer an original piece of Japan with this authentic tableware and bento... 

  • 神饌・授与品