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TOMO GENSHIN(玄神) - Drip type

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GENSHIN (玄神) is a natural Japanese organic drink made in Nagano prefecture, where the famous Matsumoto castle is located. This 100% roasted brown rice tea is sugar-free and has the specificities to have an appearance similar to coffee and to be caffeine-free. Everyone can drink GENSHIN (玄神): children, adults, and even pregnant women!

 When can you drink GENSHIN (玄神)?

You can drink GENSHIN (玄神) at any time of the day: in the morning, at lunch, during your break, for dinner… GENSHIN (玄神) is caffeine-free so you don’t need to be scared about your caffeine intake!

It is also the perfect drink to match with rice-based meals or Japanese food! Indeed, GENSHIN (玄神) is made of rice, so the taste will go perfectly with what you are eating! And what about drinking it with some Wasanbon for more pleasure?

Bonus: what about a gift?...

Looking for an original gift for a tea lover, a gourmet, or a Japanese culture lover? You got it! GENSHIN (玄神) will ally originality, taste, and happiness!

The advantage of our drip type:

- You can enjoy GENSHIN (玄神) much more longer!

- You can use a coffee machine to make it!

- There is less packaging so it's more eco-friendly!

  • About gift wrapping:

    You can choose from five different colors of gift bags: brown, blue, red, pink and green.
    If you can't decide which color to use, You can also refer to our gift wrapping page for advice!

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