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TOMO ISEHIKARI (300g) 5 packs set

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  • Enjoy Japan with TOMO Isehikari rice

Isehikari rice is harvested in the paddy field of Ise Jingu shrine (Ise Grand Shrine), located in Mie prefecture. This rice is used for offerings and has the specificity to be cultivated with 50% fewer pesticides. TOMO Isehikari rice takes the form of a 300g vacuum package, so you can easily store it, carry it, or share it. You can also choose between white rice or brown rice, according to your tastes and what you want to cook with it.

  • White rice or brown rice?

White rice is eaten in Japan on a daily basis.

You can cook easy recipes with it, or just enjoy it simply like in Japanese traditional lunch.

Brown rice is full of vitamins and fibers. It is recommended for those who are training or who are following a balanced diet.

  • Why a set of five?

The number 5 can have several meanings. In Japan, a 5 yen coin is a good luck charm. It's also an untouchable number in mathematics. A set of 5 packs is also easier to share (do you know about Japanese omiyage culture ?). And if you have 5 packs, you can cook almost 10 bentō. What do you think about it?

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