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TOMO ISEHIKARI Rice (300g) + TOMO GENSHIN 玄神(8 tea bags x3)

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  • Enjoy Japan with TOMO Isehikari rice

Isehikari rice is harvested in the paddy field of Ise Jingu shrine (Ise Grand Shrine), located in Mie prefecture. This rice is used for offerings and has the specificity to be cultivated with 50% fewer pesticides. TOMO Isehikari rice takes the form of a 300g vacuum package, so you can easily store it, carry it, or share it. You can also choose between white rice or brown rice, according to your tastes and what you want to cook with it.

  • White rice or brown rice?

White rice is eaten in Japan on a daily basis.

You can cook easy recipes with it, or just enjoy it simply like in Japanese traditional lunch.

Brown rice is full of vitamins and fibers. It is recommended for those who are training or who are following a balanced diet.


GENSHIN (玄神) is a natural Japanese organic drink made in Nagano prefecture, where the famous Matsumoto castle is located. This 100% roasted brown rice tea is sugar-free and has the specificities to have an appearance similar to coffee and to be caffeine-free. This is why everyone can drink GENSHIN (玄神): children, adults, and even pregnant women!

  • The advantages of our set:

You'll have the right portion of rice for at least two bentō (Japanese packed lunch box), and you'll have something to drink to relax yourself at home or at work with our GENSHIN drink (玄神)! It’s also the perfect gift for food lovers and Japanese culture lovers!

  • The downside of our set:

You might not want to share it with your co-workers who seemed to appreciate GENSHIN (玄神) the other day!

  • About gift wrapping:

You can choose from five different colors of gift bags: brown, blue, red, pink and green.

If you can't decide which color to use, You can also refer to our gift wrapping page for advice!