0 Food Waste Challenge


Rice, the mainstay of Japanese food.

This food cherished by the archipelago has no specific expiration date and is not required to have one.

供TOMO Isehikari rice can be consumed up to one year after its polishing date. The vacuum packaging ensures that its freshness and quality are preserved. Nevertheless, when the expiration date approaches, it cannot be distributed as easily.

Café Genshin, also made from rice, although it has a two-year expiration date, is also threatened by food waste.

We can't afford to throw away these delicious products which didn't reach your palate.

In order to fight against this waste, 供TOMO has decided to collaborate with LOSS ZERO, an initiative with the goal of fighting waste.

LOSS ZERO is a Japanese site that lists food that is nearing its expiration date at great prices.

The idea comes from the company "Beautiful smile", based in Osaka.

We have joined their project, and we also offer our products on their website.

We also count on your cooperation to get our products from their site!

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