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About the founder of TOMO: Keiko Oda

TOMO was created in 2018 by Keiko Oda, who was born and raised in Japan in a little shrine. She is passionate about Japanese history, Japanese traditions, and she enjoys traveling. Indeed, during one of her trips to Europe, she realized how Japanese culture was fascinating to European people. Keiko Oda took then the decision to become a bridge between Japan and the world.

Since food is the fuel of the human body, and because Japanese food is registered in the Intangible Cultural Heritage list by UNESCO, she chose to focus her work on Japanese food culture.

TOMO: conveying Japanese offering culture

TOMO is a Japanese food brand that is conveying Japanese offering culture. But what is an “offering culture”?

In Japan, offerings are mostly connected to the Shinto religion, and Buddhism believes. Japanese people do offerings to convey their respect and feelings to gods and their ancestors.

In the Shinto religion, alcohol, mochi (Japanese rice cakes), fish, wild birds, water birds, seaweeds, vegetables, sweets, salt, and water are traditionally offered as offerings. 

Japanese people have a special relationship with the divine: indeed, human beings can become deities. For example, once a sumo wins a grand tournament, he is called yokozuna and he becomes then a living god. Moreover, the offerings made are consumed by Japanese people once the prayers are over. Japanese people thus maintain a close relationship with deities. 

This is why TOMO offers in its collection products only used as offerings in Shinto rituals. Experience Japan through food with TOMO, and feel the power of Japanese nature in your everyday life.

The meaning of "TOMO"

This decision also explains the name of the brand, TOMO. This word has several meanings in Japanese: friendship (友), partnership (共), wisdom (智), equality (朋), follower (伴), etc.

Here, the symbol of TOMO corresponds to a spiral (巴), and the ideogram used (供) means “ offerings to gods”. Indeed, Shintō is an essential element of Japanese identity.

Enjoy Japanese flavor with TOMO GENSHIN (玄神):

GENSHIN (玄神) is a Japanese organic tea made in Nagano prefecture, where the famous Matsumoto castle is located. This 100% roasted brown rice tea looks like coffee, and it has a subtle rice smell and aroma. GENSHIN (玄神) is caffeine-free, and everyone can enjoy it: children, adults, and even pregnant women!

Discover our TOMO GENSHIN (玄神) collection

Experience Japanese culture through TOMO Isehikari rice (White rice and brown rice)

Isehikari is a holy rice harvested in the paddy field of Ise Jingu shrine. The packaging of TOMO Isehikari rice is thin and has a compact design, so you can easily store it or share it as a gift. Convey your offering to your household shrine or your Butsudan, and then enjoy this sacred rice! The concept of this rice itself is to convey your respect and gratitude through your offerings to deities and your ancestors, and then to savor it!

Discover our TOMO Isehikari rice collection

Eat without guilt with TOMO Snacks

TOMO snacks don’t contain any preservative, food coloring and they are additive-free. TOMO is sharing with you natural and healthy snacks. You can even eat them while enjoying your GENSHIN (玄神) for a full Japanese break!

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