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TOMO Snacks

Made in Japan

Japan is an archipelago that has been closed to the world for a very long time. For this reason, Japanese people have been able to develop a way of eating adapted to what they could cultivate on their territory. With globalization, Western cakes and sweets (cookies, chocolate, etc.) have spread over the territory. The new generation of Japanese people was increasingly offered fast food and sweet foods from abroad. Traditional Japanese sweets were consumed less and less, and some were even forgotten. Through its snacks, TOMO offers to bring these traditional Japanese sweets that were once eaten back into the trend. Adopting TOMO Snacks is not only a gesture for your health, but it also allows Japanese traditions to become known and to support the work and art of Japanese craft.

The perfect match with Japanese cuisine

Mother Nature planned everything, and this is why TOMO offers a collection of natural Japanese products. Our original selection matches totally with Japanese cuisine. Finish your sushi lunch with GENSHIN (玄神) instead of a coffee, bring a Japanese touch to your desserts with our Tamba Black Soybeans Glacé with Matcha... the possibilities are endless!

Suitable for a balanced diet

Japanese life expectancy can be explained by their physical activity, their philosophy of life, and of course their diet. TOMO Snacks products can be easily integrated into a balanced diet and can be eaten without further preparation. You can save your time and your health!

Ideal for gifts

Looking for an original gift for a gourmet friend or a lover of Japanese culture? We got it! Choose a gift wrap, fill in the delivery address and that's it!