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Personalize your gift!

You have finally picked a gift, but you are not sure about the color of the wrapping? Don't worry, we will help you!

Brown: TOMO's original color

TOMO's original color is deep brown to remind our connection with nature. It can also be a nice color for someone who loves gardening, hiking, or anything related to the earth. It is also a color that suits people who like simple things and their loved ones.


If you're giving a gift to a rather pacifist and calm person, then blue will be the perfect color! It's also the color of the ocean, so people who enjoy the sea and the beach will appreciate this wrapping!


Red is often associated with people with ambition and strong will. If the person you give this gift is usually energetic, bright, and adventurous, red is the right color!


Pink is a color that suits sensitive, gentle, and charming people.


Green is the color of safety and serenity. It is also a color associated with plants: nature lovers could appreciate it!

You can choose our gift wrapping option for 150 ¥ only!