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What is brown rice coffee made of?

→TOMO Café Genshin is made from 100% Japanese roasted organic brown rice. It contains no coffee beans, tea leaves, or additives.

What is "Genshin"?

→Genshin is how roasted brown rice coffee is called in Japanese natural medicine. It is said to be effective in warming the body and for other medical conditions. Today, it is also used as a coffee a coffee alternative. All you need is to infuse your tetra bag like tea and drink it.

How is brown rice coffee made?

→The first step in making TOMO Café Genshin is to let the raw material, Japanese organic brown rice, rest overnight in a "Moon Therapy Room".

In the dimly lit room, the ingredients are exposed to light with the same wavelength as moonlight, and classical music such as Bach and Mozart is played. After resting in this way, the ingredients are placed in a coffee roaster and slowly roasted.

Since the ingredients are small in size, the roasting temperature and time are controlled by the skilled experience and techniques of the artisan. The Japanese roasted brown rice is then carefully milled and ground into a product.

What does brown rice coffee taste like?

The aroma is different from that of coffee, with a savory aroma of roasted brown rice.

The taste varies depending on the strength of the brew. When brewed strongly, it has a deep rich taste, and when brewed light, it has a refreshing taste like barley tea.

How is brown rice coffee brewed?

→TOMO's brown rice coffee "Café Genshin" comes in two types: tetra bag and drip.

The tetra bag is a triangular pyramid-shaped tea bag, which is placed in boiling water and brewed just like tea.

The drip type is brewed using a coffee maker or hand dripper, just like mill-ground coffee beans.

If brewed with a French press, a deeper, richer flavor can be enjoyed.

YOu can purchase TOMO's brown rice coffee "Café Genshin" here.

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