You don't need chemicals ・ Bouquet keeper review

Nana (Japan) presents us her review about our bouquet keeper.

供TOMO Bouquet keeper・Ikebana accessories from Japan online 

I received this beautiful flower bouquet keeper 💐 It is made of tin.

This accessory helps you to wrap the stems of a bouquet, and place it correctly in a vase.

Tin has antibacterial properties and slows down the appearance of impurities in the water. Your flowers can then last longer🔖

This accessory is reusable, so you don’t have to use chemicals. 👍💕.

This protector is wonderful!

I was surprised by the malleability of the tin. ⸜♥⃜⸝

This material allows the accessory to be rolled according to the size of the bouquet. 🕊

Dishwashing liquid and a sponge are enough to clean your bouquet keeper. 🤞🏻

If the protector becomes dirty or dull, you can use baking soda. ♥♥♥♥

It's a relief to have such an easy to maintain accessory ♥

I will do my best to continue living surrounded by flowers 🌷

Thanks to Nana for sharing her opinion with us!

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供TOMO Bouquet keeper Ikebana accessories online from Japan

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供TOMO Ikebana keeper・Ikebana accessories online from Japan

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