"Its texture makes it luxurious" - Bouquet Keeper review

We received a review from momo (40 years old, male) on our Bouquet Keeper.

供TOMO Bouquet Keeper review (Japanese ikebana accessory)

"The bouquet keeper is approximately 13 cm long and is lightweight. Its texture give it a luxury appeal.

The raw material used is tin, which prevents rust when the protector is immersed in water. I have the impression that the protector helps to purify the water. I could also notice that this accessory allows to extend the life of flowers.

The material is flexible, it can be rolled, stretched and reshaped. Thanks to this protector, the beauty of the flowers is enhanced and the stems remain elegant.

I placed my flower arrangement in a bright location and observed that it was beautiful and sparkling. I used to bind the flower stems together with a rubber band for my bouquets, but this tool is so much more convenient!

I would recommend this protector for your own use, but it can also make a great gift idea!"

Thank you so much for sharing this review with us!

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Florists use chemicals in the water to make the flowers last longer. With our protector, you can preserve your flowers in a more environmentally friendly and economical way.

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