I love flowers but I don't know how to do floral arrangement... this accessory has helped me a lot! - bouquet keeper review

Tabasa (Japan) shares with us her opinion about our bouquet keeper.

供TOMO ブーケキーパー 生花 イケバナグッズ

I had the opportunity to try this bouquet protector.

I love flowers, and I regularly receive them on my birthday, Christmas, wedding anniversary, and Valentine's Day from my husband.

My friends often tell me that I should ask for items or food instead of flowers, but nothing makes me happier than flowers.

However, once you receive flowers, don't you find it complicated to arrange them nicely as a decoration?

You receive flowers that are perfectly wrapped, and once you put them in a vase, they separate from each other and often become a weirdly shaped decorative item 😓

Luckily, I found an accessory that solved this problem ♪

It is this bouquet protector. I didn't know such an item existed.

This protector is made of tin, and it is malleable and can be bent easily.

It is the perfect item for a flower lover with no flower arranging skills like me!

I receive two deliveries of flowers in the amount of 500¥ per month.

Just wrap the accessory around the stems of your flowers, place the flowers in a vase, and you're done!

You can use it for both small and large bouquets and large, which is convenient.

Furthermore, tin does not rust in the air or water, and it does not emit any harmful substances. It also has antibacterial properties and keeps the water clean. Therefore, your flowers will last longer.

This protector is also easy to clean. If you think it is dirty, clean it simply with a neutral detergent or baking soda.

I think it will be a handy item in my house for a long time.

Thanks to Tabasa for sharing her opinion with us!

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