Japanese drink TOMO Ginger Genshin in vegetarian media "veggy”

veggy 雑誌 供TOMO カフェ玄神 ベジタリアン ヴィーガン オーガニック 玄米コーヒー

Discover the article written in the Japanese magazine “veggy” about your favorite brown rice drink, TOMO Ginger Genshin!

The Japanese magazine "veggy" offers ideas for a sustainable and a a plant-based lifestyle. You can find the article about TOMO Ginger Genshin in the issue 84 released in October 2022.


Publisher: Kirajenne (9/9/2022)

Release date: 9/9/2022

Language: Japanese


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TOMO Ginger Genshin was featured on page 11 of this issue in a special report entitled "Japanese Plant Products of Today".

Japanese Drink TOMO Ginger Genshin in Vegetarian Media

The presentation of TOMO Ginger Genshin in the Japanese magazine veggy

TOMO Ginger Genshin is an organic brown rice tea flavored with ginger, whose properties are described as effective against cold symptoms. "Genshin is the term for roasted black brown rice. The aroma of brown rice is combined with the fresh flavor of ginger to create a unique flavor. Iced, hot or latte, it will be the perfect drink for all seasons and occasions!

TOMO Ginger Genshin is certified by the coat of arms of Monaco and is popular with celebrities who visit the country.


TOMO Genshin is a Japanese drink made from rice. It is a perfect accompaniment to Japanese food and of course vegetarian food!

During your meal or after, it is the ideal caffeine-free Japanese drink!