Easy and healthy Japanese self-care drink: Honey Genshin latte

【Recipe by Yuta Kanasashi (Certified Japanese Dietitian)】


After graduating from the Department of Dietetic, he passed the national examination and obtained a Registered Dietitian license. After working for food companies, he is now offering his services in hospitals.

Easy and healthy: Honey Genshin latte (Japanese alternative coffee|供TOMO Japanese healthy recipe

You can enjoy your Genshin coffee by boiling it with milk for a delicious drink. It might be easier to infuse your Genshin first and then mix it with milk, but boiling them together will offer you a better aroma. Sugar can be used to sweeten it, but Genshin and honey make a tasty combo.

Easy and healthy: Honey Genshin latte|供TOMO Japanese healthy recipe

~Ingredients~ (For 1 person)


  1. If you are using TOMO Genshin drip type, measure and wrap it in a tea bag. Otherwise, you can use 2 tea bags of Genshin coffee.
  2. Pour the milk in a saucepan, add honey and turn on the hit
  3. When you see small bubbles appearing (just before boiling), add Genshin coffee and cook over low heat for 2 to 3 minutes to extract the desired infusion.
  4. Remove Genshin coffee bags and pour the liquid into a cup.
  5. Now enjoy!

Easy and healthy: Honey Genshin latte|供TOMO Japanese healthy recipe

Comments from the dietitian

Hot milk can help you fall asleep better. Genshin coffee is caffeine free, making it the perfect drink before bed. If you are bored with plain milk, why don't you try this quick and healthy recipe?

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