L’odeur dégagée lorsque qu’on le prépare avec une cafetière goutte-à-goutte est délicieuse

Yukki nous a partagé sur Instagram sa dernière collation : un cheesecake vegan accompagné de Café Genshin.


供TOMO Café Genshin (brown rice coffee) - 供 TOMO Japanese Online Shop


"I find the name of this brown rice coffee sophisticated ☕️
I’ve been waiting with excitement for my mouth ulcer to heal, so I could try this drink!! It's delicious 💕

Before being roasted, the organic brown rice grains are put through moon therapy (they are exposed to waves similar to moonlight) with music composed by Bach playing in the background. 🌙🎼🌙

When I knew this information, I wanted to try this moon therapy 😍

The smell of this beverage brewed with a drip coffee maker is delicious 💕

The taste is deep without bitter note and the smell is present. After drinking it, the taste stays in the mouth, but the flavor is so pleasant that I don't mind.

It is caffeine-free, and it can be drunk regardless of age or time. This is an important feature for me 🎵
I took my heart and I even recommend it to my friends 💕

Roasted, brown rice, which is rich in phytochemicals, have detoxifying and antioxidant properties 😍

It has long been used as a folk remedy, and I can't help but think how extraordinary the wisdom of our ancestors were ✨

Café Genshin also provides a deep warming of the body, which is convenient considering the current season 💕

I warmed up a cup of Genshin, and to my surprise, unlike coffee, the smell didn't go away!!!!

My family also said that Genshin is more delicious than coffee 🎶

I understand why it is served in Monaco ✨🇲🇨✨

I'm so full of emotions that I write too much...🤭

When I had my mouth ulcer, it hurt when I drank, ate, and talked, but being able to drink a cold-infused Genshin put a smile on my face 😊

Since 供TOMO also offers sake that can be used as an offering at Isejingu Shrine, I decided to eat a pairing with a cup of Genshin Coffee and a sake flavored Cheesecake ⛩️
My snack was wonderful and reminded me of the greatness and bounty that nature gives us 💕 "

The Café Genshin/Cheesecake combo looks delicious! We're glad you like it!

We hope that you will also enjoy Café Genshin during your snack time! ✨

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