Little Caffeine-free break! ☕️🍬🍫

Little Caffeine-free break! ☕️🍬🍫 | Genshin coffee review

Hajare (France) shared her honest opinion about Café Genshin on Instagram!

I’ve ordered 供TOMO’s (@tomolifeofficial) Café Genshin a few days ago and I enjoy drinking a cup of it at the end of the day, when I want to have a break and I want to drink something light, without caffeine, and Café Genshin made with roasted brown rice is the perfect solution for this! 🥰

This kind of Café Genshin has a little filter and it feels like we’re drinking a real coffee and not a coffee capsule! I like it better!

I enjoy drinking it with those little Genshin chocolates made with rice too and 2 or 3 little colored sugar, as I don’t add sugar in my drink! The dark chocolate goes along really well with the Café Genshin and I love the taste of it! 😋

A well deserved break with yummy treats, before going back to work! ☕️💻✨

Little Caffeine-free break! ☕️🍬🍫 | Genshin Roasted Brown Rice Coffee review

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