~Our Brand Concept~

Communicate the Japanese culture of Offerings

Here at 供TOMO, we aim at transmitting the values of cherishing and respecting the nature while living a healthy and sane life, found at the very roots of the Japanese culture. Beyond simply proposing products to our customers, we aspire to spread these principles around the world.

Globalization and the infinity of choices it brought made it harder for everyone to understand what to consume and avoid. Lost in the profusion of information and offers of the Internet, how can one find what to eat to stay healthy, both physically and mentally ?

All of the products from 供TOMO are manufactured with the very best of the Japanese nature : the rice, Sake, salt, the water, and a wide range of agricultural and marine products traditionally used in the Japanese Shinto ceremony since Antiquity.

We hope that thanks to the products from 供TOMO, you will feel the bounteousness of the Japanese nature and maintain a healthy, key to a long and prosperous life.