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Offered in the Principality of Monaco

The caffeine-free beverage made from roasted organic brown rice


Free domestic shipping (Japan only)

The miraculous rice from the paddy field of Ise Jingu

御神米イセヒカリ(300g) ×10 セット

Popular as a gift

Get lucky with those Japanese additive-free luxury sweets

七福神和三盆 (ゆうパケット可5個まで)


【Magazine】 Ray Magazine (January 2021 issue).

【Magazine】 Fujin Koron (September 23, 2020 issue).

【Magazine】Shukan Shincho (September 16, 2020 issue).

【TV】Introduced in the program "Tokyo Goddess Collection". (August to November 2020 on FOX in the Kanto area)

【Magazine】 published in the July 2020 issue of Gekkan Seirons (July 2020).

【Magazine】Published in Gekkan Seirons (May 2020).