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Our aim is to make you discovering Japanese culture with natural and healthy food!


2020/08/27 From September 1st, it will possible to pay for your purchases in your nearest conbini! (7-Eleven, Lawson, FamilyMart and Ministop)

2020/08/20 TOMO Genshin will be broadcasted at the Japanese television!

2020/06/04 New goods are now available!




TOMO Genshin appeared in a Japanese tv show!

Our organic brown rice tea TOMO Genshin was recently introduced on a Japanese TV program called “Tokyo Venus Collection Girls Happy Style”! The recording was held on July 31st with our staff member Sara. The famous Japanese TV personality JOY made a cup of Tomo Genshin for us, and the cast members appreciated Genshin and said that it was delicious!

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