Thanks to this tool, I could keep my sweet peas longer

Sacchan (50s) is sharing with us her impressions about our bouquet keeper

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"I just got a new bouquet.
The material of the plate is very flexible and anyone can easily bend it.
It can be used in a small vase, and its maintenance is very simple: just rinse it with water.

On hot days, I was worried about the condition of the water, but I didn't feel any unpleasant odor and the water didn't get muddy. I was even able to keep my flowers for over a week. I think that thanks to the effects of the tin, I could keep my sweet peas longer (they usually wither quickly).

Even though warm days are coming, I plan to enjoy my flowers for a long time with this bouquet protector."

Back-to-school time for students and employees is approaching. This is a time when it is common to offer a flower bouquet. On this occasion, this bouquet protector can be useful to decorate your home with the plants you received.

No matter how hot the weather is, you don't have to worry about your plants thanks to this tool.

Thanks to Sacchan for her lovely pictures and for sharing her opinion with us!

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