Do you want to expand your life expectancy? Welcome to Kinomiya shrine!

Where is it?

Kinomiya shrine is located near Atami station, in Shizuoka prefecture.

You can go there from Kinomiya Station (JR Ito Line, about 4 minutes). If you are looking for a place to visit not too far from Tokyo, you just fount it!

What kind of prayers can you do in Kinomiya shrine?

Worshippers come to Kinomiya shrine to increase their fortune and luck.

This shrine is also known for its 2000-years-old sacred tree called “Okusu”. It is said that your life expectancy will be extended to a year if you walk one time around this tree.

What else can you do in Kinomiya shrine?

In front of the shrine, you will find a lovely café where you can drink Amazake and relax. There is also a lot of photo booth in the space surrounding the shrine, so you know where to pose with the best background around the shrine!

About Kinomiya shrine and TOMO

TOMO sacred Isehikari rice is used for offerings during prayers, matsuri, and special occasions.

Official site (Japanese only)

Address: 43-1 Nishiyama-cho, Atami, Shizuoka, 413-0034

Opening Hours: 9:00-17:00

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