A perfect marriage: the traditional Japanese breakfast with Café Genshin

Cherry-chan-chan (in her sixties) shares her opinion about the Café Genshin drip type!

供TOMO Genshin coffee - Japanese organic brown rice coffee - Best drink for Japanese lunch and Japanese breakfast

"This morning, I carefully prepared a cup of ground Café Genshin with my drip coffee maker. Café Genshin is a rice coffee made from carefully roasted Japanese organic brown rice. You can prepare and drink it like a regular coffee.

Café Genshin has a rich aroma that I found succulent.As for the smell... It matches the unique bitter scent of the rice that was roasted with care. I could also feel that light sweetness that is unique to rice in this drink.

This morning, I started my day with a traditional Japanese breakfast and Café Genshin was the perfect match for this type of cuisine.

As a result of corona, we are spending more and more time at home, and our coffee consumption is also increasing. For those who are worried about their potential excessive caffeine consumption, Café Genshin is a good alternative.

This rice coffee warms up the body before sleeping, helping you to get a good night sleep, so you don’t need to rely on caffeine the next day to feel awake and full of energy.

The size (300g) is also generous, and I really like it ♬"

We are glad to hear from you that it goes well with Japanese cuisine. Until now, when it comes to Japanese cuisine, Japanese tea was the only drink that came to mind to accompany the meal. Even though it is not traditionally customary to drink coffee after lunch in Japan, there are more and more Japanese people who want to finish their meal with this coffee. Café Genshin, made from rice, makes this wish come true without bringing any uncomfortable sensation in the mouth.

You can brew it lightly like a tea without sugar, add flavor with milk, honey or brown sugar syrup... Feel free to adapt Café Genshin according to your desires and your palate.

You should also try Café Genshin with your Japanese meal and make your own idea about it!

Thanks to Cherry-chan-chan for sharing her opinion with us!

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