4 tips for picking a meaningful gift

Choosing a gift might seem trivial but actually requires a lot of thinking beforehand. You might be afraid of disappointing and not finding a gift good enough. Fortunately, you will find in this article 4 essential tips to give the perfect gift in any circumstance!

4 tips for picking a meaningful gift|供TOMO Japanese Blog

1. Set a gift budget

    No matter the occasion or the person, there's no need to put yourself in an uncomfortable financial situation! First, think about the total amount of money you can put into the gift. Before making your choice, don't forget the small amounts that will be "included" in the gift, such as needed accessories, gift wrapping, or shipping costs.

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    If you are on a tight budget, try group gifts: contact a group of friends, and fix an amount that each one will give to the person in charge of the gift. This technique helps you save money, and you might even be able to offer a gift with a monetary value much greater than expected!

    2. Check out limited seasonal gifts

    No matter where you live, there are many seasonal specialties! For example, in Japan, sakura products are popular in April; in autumn, sweet potatoes are in the spotlight.

    You can also offer a national or regional specialty. For example:

    The choice is wide! Think of something that you would like to try by yourself at least once, and make it a gift!

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    4 tips for picking a meaningful gift|供TOMO Japanese Blog

    3. Choose a gift related to the person's hobby

    Try to remember your past conversations and pay attention to your interactions with this person: they might be wearing their favorite music band's t-shirt, gym shoes or eating their favorite snack flavor in front of you!

    If you have no idea, you can check, try to use social networks to gather clues. Even if you are not a professional, it is usually easy to find the right idea with the right post.

    Finally, don't hesitate to ask them (subtly) about their hobbies if you run out of ways to find it out!

    4 tips for picking a meaningful gift|供TOMO Japanese Blog

    4. Solve a problem with your gift

    Offering a gift is nice. But offering a problem solver gift is even better!

    Think about the difficulties this person may be facing and what tool could help them. This tool can be material, consumable, or even a service. For example:

    • If this person doesn't have much time to take care of themselves due to their schedule, you could try a massage session or an all-in-one skin care product

    • If this person has sleeping problems, offer them some Genshin brown rice coffee

    • if this person likes flowers but doesn't know how to take care of them, give them a bouquet protector

    The advantage with this kind of gift is that the person will not only be happy with your gesture, but will also greatly appreciate this solution literally offered to them!


    In order to give a gift without headaches and stress, start by setting a budget. Consider giving a seasonal or regional gift. Find out about the person's hobby. Finally, try to give a gift that might make a small part of their daily life easier. Finally, relax: as the proverb says, it's not the gift that counts, but the gesture!

    4 tips for picking a meaningful gift|供TOMO Japanese Blog

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