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Japanese Bento Box Gift Set (Red)

Japanese Bento Box Gift Set (Red)

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Light and robust red bento box.

    This box is made of aluminum alloy, which quickly cools your hot lunch when you put it inside ! 

    Note: DON'T put it in the dishwasher and microwave! 

    Color: Red 

    Size: 192×122×61mm 

    Capacity: 850ml 

    Material: ○ Lid: Aluminum alloy; board thickness: 1.0mm (anodized aluminum) ○ Fastener: stainless steel ○ Compartment: polypropylene ○ Roller packing: silicone rubber ○ Packing removal tool: ABS resin

    • Reusable cutlery set

    Cutlery set: Made in Japan 

    Color: Red 


    Chopsticks length: 180 mm|Spoon: about 180 mm|Case: about 188×47×18mm 

    Materials: ○ Lid: AS resin (Heat-resistant temperature / 100 ℃) ○ Main part, spoon: ABS resin (Heat-resistant temperature / 100 ℃ ○ Chopsticks: methacrylic resin (heat-resistant temperature / 100 ℃) ○ Cushion / silicone resin (heat-resistant temperature / 140 ℃)

    •  Furoshiki

    Made in Japan 

    Size: 50cm×50cm 100% cotton