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Genshin Coffee (12 tetra bags)

Genshin Coffee (12 tetra bags)

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Organic, gluten-free and vegan.

Genshin coffee, the epitome of brown rice coffee, is a delightful blend crafted with utmost care. Encased in a splendid Japanese paper texture bag, it contains 12 tetra bags to infuse. 

Genshin coffee captures the essence of Japanese organic brown rice, meticulously roasted and brewed to perfection, simulating the rich flavors of traditional coffee. Derived from brown rice, this unique beverage is completely caffeine-free. It can help you sleep peacefully and offers a real sense of tranquility. With every tetra bag (teabag), you can savor 3-4 cups of exquisitely brewed brown rice coffee.


Product: Processed brown rice
Ingredient: Japanese organic brown rice (Isehikari)
Origin of raw material: Hyogo prefecture
Content: 54g (4.5gx12 tetra  bags)
Best before date: written on the package
Storage method: Avoid direct sunlight, high temperature and humidity
Nutritional values (for 4.5g):
【Calories】18kcal (for a cup of 200 ml : 0 kcal)
【Sodium】 0g
No caffeine detected