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Ikebana Keeper (Easy-to-use ikebana tool)

Ikebana Keeper (Easy-to-use ikebana tool)

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Ikebana describes the ancestral Japanese art of Flower arrangement, a tradition believe to sublimate the beauty and inner-energy of your surroundings. The flowers are fixated to a "Kenzan" (剣山) (a device used to affix the flowers down the container), put into an elegant vase and displayed for everyone to enjoy.

This Ikebana Keeper will play the same role as a Kenzan, perfectly shaping your bouquet to your liking and effectively maintaining your flowers in place inside the vase. However, while Kenzan are usually known to be sharp objects meant to impale the roots of your flowers, this alternative will not pose any safety issue given their soft nature.

To crown it all, the antibacterial effect of the tin will slow down the natural decaying of your plants in water, significantly lengthening their lifespan.