Café Genshin looks like coffee!

Akari (Japan, in her thirties) shared her review about Café Genshin (drip type).

TOMO Café Genshin Review: "It Looks Like Coffee!" |TOMO Online Store

"TOMO Café Genshin goes well with Japanese cuisine. This brown rice coffee is offered in Monaco, at the sushi restaurant MC by Kodera. It is also served after lunch as a coffee alternative. This Japanese drink is said to be popular among celebrities!

It looks like coffee ☕️

TOMO Café Genshin is a Japanese organic brown rice drink, carefully roasted and grounded.

Brown rice contains over 40 different nutrients. It is rich in phytochemicals, which is a substance with several health benefits. 

Brown rice hides many powers. Roasted, the polyphenols and minerals originally contained in brown rice are preserved. It contains antioxidants, and help you warming up your body*. In addition, the absorbing powers of charcoal have the medicinal power to do a great internal cleansing of the body.

This natural and gentle brown rice coffee for the body is caffeine-free. Café Genshin can be enjoyed safely by pregnant women and children.

I recommend you to brew your cups of Genshin Coffee with a French Press.

This way, you can feel the benefits from all the nutrients contained in your Genshin drink, and enjoy its deep taste."

Thank you for those beautiful pictures and for sharing your thoughts with our community!

The combination of Café Genshin and chocolates looks delicious!  

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*Note: in Japan, warming up your body (also called "on-katsu") is a common practice to preserve your health. Click here to learn more about it.