The strong taste of brown rice and its smell make this coffee addictive!

The following testimonial comes from Ririri (in her 20s) about Café Genshin (8 tetra bags version). 

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"I couldn't stand the taste of coffee anymore, so I decided to stop drinking it.

Then I discovered this caffeine-free coffee.

When I opened the packet, I could smell a smell close to barley tea. Due to the roasting process of brown rice used to make this drink, I expected detox effects.

The taste of brown rice and its smell are pronounced, and the more I drink it, the more I am addicted to it.

I'm not a big fan of strong flavors, but I was able to make 3 cups with one tea bags, and the last cup tasted like coffee to me.

I do love white rice, but because I had no idea concerning the nutritional benefits of brown rice, I have never thought of consuming it for my health. However, if my body can take advantage of the nutritional benefits of brown rice without having to deal with the texture, I would be very grateful.

I have weak shoulders, so I avoid anything that might be exciting. However, Genshin coffee does not contain caffeine, so I can drink it with peace of mind, and it can even be consumed by pregnant women and children."

Yes, Café Genshin is indeed made of 100% brown rice. This brown rice coffee is organically grown in Japan and can be drunk serenely by everyone.

If you have trouble with coffee, feel free to try it!

Thanks to Ririri for sharing her experience with us!

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