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TOMO at "JAPANESE FOOD EXPO 2022" in Los Angeles!


TOMO exhibited a booth at the Japanese Food Expo (Los Angeles, U.S.A.)

What is the Japanese Food Expo?

The Japanese Food Expo (organized by JFCA) is an exhibition held in the U.S. for many years that introduces food products from Japan. This event attracts a large number of consumers and buyers in the U.S. This year, the Japanese Food Expo was held on Saturday, September 24, 2022.

JAT Inc., which produces TOMO, participated in the event for the first time as a member of GFP (a project promoted by the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries to export Japanese agricultural, forestry, and fishery products).

The Loews Hollywood Hotel, where the event was held.

Where was the venue of the Japanese Food Expo in LA 2022?

The venue, Loews Hollywood Hotel, is located approximately 20 km from the center of Los Angeles. It is a vibrant hotel in the heart of Hollywood. The hotel is also used as a press room for the Academy Awards ceremony, located next door.

The ballroom of this beautiful building welcomed over 2,000 people and the event was a great success. The Japanese Food Expo gathered local buyers, restaurant owners, and the general public who had purchased tickets for admission.

Takaaki Katsumata, Japanese Vice Minister of Agriculture at the Japanese Food Expo in LA
The opening speech was delivered by Takaaki Katsumata, Vice Minister of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries.
TOMO at the Japanese Food Expo in Los Angeles |JAT Inc.
TOMO's booth in front of the stage

How popular was TOMO Genshin in Los Angeles?

TOMO Genshin, made from 100% organic Japanese brown rice, is a caffeine-free beverage from Japan that is neither coffee nor tea. This event was a great opportunity for us to have the people of Los Angeles drink it and hear their direct feedback.

Brewing Genshin, explaining to visitors this drink, sharing samples, having visitors drink Genshin and filling out the questionnaire... It was really hard work for our first exhibition in the U.S., but the response was so great! We were surprised and pleased with the results!

Out of 100 customers who responded to the survey, and 98% found TOMO Genshin delicious!

Among the most popular features of TOMO Genshin, “organic” and “tasty” were often written. In Los Angeles, we hear that people, especially those living in upscale residential areas such as Beverly Hills, tend to seek out organic, vegan, gluten-free, and other health-conscious foods. Indeed, many people after a sip of TOMO Genshin said that this drink was “amazing!” and praised this quality brown rice coffee! Mrs Oda was so happy and moved to see such reactions in person.

You can see the results of the survey here!

Survey TOMO Genshin in the US (Los Angeles, 2022)

And here are a few comments:

Los Angels Japan Food EXPO Genshin coffee survey

Exhibition at Japanese Cuisine Banquet 2022

In conjunction with the Japanese Food Expo, the "Japanese Cuisine Banquet 2022" was held on Monday, September 26, 2022, at the Japan House in Los Angeles.

The event consisted of two main parts: a seminar by experts in the U.S. market for members of the Japanese GFP (the Japanese Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries' export project for Japanese agricultural, forestry and fishery products), and an introduction of GFP initiatives, production areas and menus for local buyers.

Japanese Cuisine Banquet at Los Angeles| TOMO JAT Inc.
Japanese Cuisine Banquet 2022

The Japan House, the venue of the event, is a facility established and operated by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan as an overseas base for communicating the attractiveness of Japan to as many people as possible around the world. Currently, the Japan House has been established in three cities (London, Los Angeles, and Sao Paulo) and offers exhibition space, multi-purpose space with theater functions, product sales, food and beverage, books, web, cafes, and other activities.

Seminars were held in the morning at the Japan House, and in the afternoon, producers introduced their production areas, exhibited their products, and held a tasting event.

TOMO Genshin brown rice tea and TOMO Wasanbon sugars were introduced to the invited guests.

Japan House in Los Angeles|TOMO Genshin brown rice tea
Introduction of TOMO Japanese food products

Guests could also drink TOMO Genshin brown rice tea.



The special chef for the event was David Schlosser, owner of the Michelin-starred Shibumi restaurant in downtown Los Angeles.

Shibumi restaurant Chef Davos Schlosser and JAT Inc. representative director Keiko Oda
Chef Davos Schlosser and JAT Inc. representative director Keiko Oda

David was very pleased with TOMO's Seven Lucky Gods Wasanbon!

Here is the product.


Will he serve it in his restaurant? We would be very happy if he does!

We would like to thank the GFP Secretariat for their great support. We will use this as a good opportunity to work on our American promotion of TOMO Genshin, our organic caffeine-free brown rice coffee, and Seven Lucky Gods Wasanbon.

*TOMO products are available on Amazon Japan and Amazon.com in the United States.

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