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How to pray in a Shinto shrine in Japan?

How to pray in a Shinto shrine in Japan?

Praying in a shinto shrine is very easy: just follow those simple steps, and show how much you know about Japan to your Japanese friends!

Top 4 places to visit in Japan after COVID-19 (外語のみ)

Top 4 places to visit in Japan after COVID-19 (外語のみ)
Why the customer service in Japan is slow? (外語のみ)

Pourquoi le service client est-il lent au Japon?

Vous êtes-vous déjà demandé pourquoi les vendeurs mettaient autant de temps à emballer cette nouvelle paire de sneakers que vous avez acheté à Harajuku? Ou pour tout autre achat? Si oui, je vais répondre à votre interrogation dans cet article! 

TOMO Genshin will be broadcasted at the Japanese television!

Our organic brown rice tea TOMO Genshin was recently introduced on a Japanese TV program called “Tokyo Venus Collection Girls Happy Style”!

What is O-bon? (英語とフランス語のみ)

What is O-bon? (英語とフランス語のみ)

Hello everyone!  How are you?

Last week, it was O-bon in Japan! Have you heard this word before? If no, let me explain you quickly what is it about!

「明日からダイエットを始める!」 と言いながら何度も挫折した人へ・・・

「明日からダイエットを始める!」  と言いながら何度も挫折した人へ・・・
「オーガニック」とは? (JP Only)

「オーガニック」とは? (JP Only)


The impact of bad quality sleep on your health

What are the consequences of poor quality sleep? How can you get a better sleeping time? I will give you some advices in this article!


If you can't help but eating snacks, read this !

What can you do if you can't help but eating snaps? I am sharing with you some tips in this article!

The advantages of living caffeine-free

What are the advantages of living caffeine-free? And what can you do to reach that goal? Let me help you here!