TOMO Sponsor of FLOWRA wellness workshops in Japan

TOMO is pleased to announce its collaboration with FLOWRA workshops, conceived by Yurie Shinbori and her international team.

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FLOWRA workshops are held in Tokyo. The event gathers 3 different activities focusing on the physical and mental: yoga, Pilates, meditation, and the art of finding your own physical balance to perform tricks such as headstand.

An international team for international visitors

The different teachers of the workshop teach in Japanese, the local language, but also in English. Some of the teachers even speak French! 

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The participants are also varied: Japanese and foreigners are attending the events together. The atmosphere is chill and the classes are adapted to beginners.

Where are the workshops held?

The workshops are held in Tokyo, mostly in Minato, but the location changes regularly and is of course communicated.

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Yurie also organizes retreats regularly, where you can practice the same activities as at the workshops and enjoy healthy and balanced meals. The retreats take place outside the city, surrounded by nature and its benefits.

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Yurie Shinbori

How to register ?

TOMO Sponsor of the

To register for the events, simply contact Yurie on Instagram or on her websites:

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