The 5 best dishes to ABSOLUTELY try in Japan (英語のみ)

The 5 best dishes to ABSOLUTELY try in Japan (英語のみ)

Japanese cuisine has been added to UNESCO's intangible heritage since 2013. Called "washoku" in Japanese (和食; 和: Japan, 食: food), Japanese food is especially known to contain few elements of animal origin and to be rich in plants. 

I used to be a great carnivore, but Japan has nevertheless been able to satisfy me, and has helped me to drastically reduce my meat consumption, for the greatest pleasure of the planet and my health! That's why I listed for you my top 5 Japanese dishes! 

5. Sushi

It's a classic dish, this is true, but what a joy to be able to eat sushi in Japan! It is possible to find sushi places in almost every train station and for every budget, no matter where you are! Of course, the more expensive your sushi restaurant is, the better quality of rice and fish you will have the opportunity to taste. But no matter what you choose, sushi will fill your stomach and your mood with joy, and you'll want more! 

4. Wasanbon

Japanese sweets are called wagashi (和菓子: 和: Japan, 菓: fruit and 子: child). Wagashi include dango (sticky rice dumpling) and daifuku (non-gluey rice dumpling). 

My favorite wagashi is Wasanbon, a Japanese confectionery produced only in Kagawa and Tokushima prefectures in Shikoku Island. Wasanbon is made from a special sugar cane called chikusha, which grows exclusively in these regions.

For more information about wasanbon or if you want to buy it, it's here


3. Soba 

Sobas are Japanese buckwheat pasta. They are available in bento (= Japanese lunch box) in supermarkets or conbini (mini-markets open 24 hours a day) and restaurants. Sobas are mostly eaten with shoyu sauce and wasabi. 

Personally, my favorite type of soba is zaru soba, which are cold soba that are eaten in summer. It's light and very refreshing! 


2. Dorayaki 

Dorayaki can be described as pancakes filled with sweet red bean paste (餡: anko in Japanese). It's a dessert that I find light but delicious, especially with Genshin tea.


1. Okonomiyaki

Okonomiyaki can be described as a pancake made from cabbage in which you can include the garnish of your choice: vegetables, shrimp, onions, seafood, etc. There are two versions of this dish: the classic one (from Osaka), and the Hiroshima-style okonomiyaki, which incorporates yakisoba. It is heavier to digest, but it is delicious!

What is your Japanese dish? Let us comment!

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