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Café Genshin individual size - 1 tetra bag

Café Genshin individual size - 1 tetra bag

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Be carried away to a stress-free Japan in one sip with Café Genshin !

Discover the unique flavor and aroma of the Café Genshin, the most delicious Japanese brown rice coffee. Be enraptured by its brawny yet charming taste. Enjoy the feeling of your traditional coffee anytime of the day or night with this healthy caffeine-free alternative.

You can make up to 3 cups with 1 tetra bag.

Specificities and ingredients

Café Genshin does not contain caffeine.

  • Ingredients: organic brown rice (Isehikari) 
  • Place of production of the ingredients : Hyogo prefecture (Japan) 
  • Net content: 36g (4.5g×8 tetra bags) 
  • Best before date: written in the back of this product
  • Storage method: Avoid direct sunlight, high temperature and humidity

Nutritional values (for 4.5g):
【Calories】18kcal (for a cup of 200 ml : 0 kcal) 
【Sodium】 0g 
No caffeine detected