Chocolats Café Genshin (4 pieces)

■【Tickle your senses with a whole new kind of chocolate !】 Made out of three distinct layers, this chocolate possess its own pellicular mouthfeel. As you bite into it, be transported by the unique texture, result of a unique concoction.

■ 【An exclusive combination of traditions】 Chocolat Café Genshin is made by first delicately wrapping chocolate in a Kinako dough mixed with buttermilk caramel, afterwards sprinkled with powdered Café Genshin (roasted organic brown rice), giving you the best of two ancestral made in Japan products.

■ 【Café Genshin, official purveyor of the Principality of Monaco】 Café Genshin is made by carefully roasting Japanese organic brown rice with a coffee roaster. While brown rice coffee is made in several roasteries in Japan, only Café Genshin by 供TOMO is allowed to bear the coats of arms of Monaco, being the official provider of the Royal Family. Made of pure raw organic brown rice, Café Genshin is caffeine-free.

■ 【A strong commitment to local suppliers】 Mindful of the quality and origin of our ingredients, this product is fully made in Japan. Domestic soybean (non-genetically modified) soybean flour, sweet starch syrup (Mizuame) and buttermilk powder are used as raw materials. We also work with carefully selected brown sugar from Hateruma Island in Okinawa, salt is from Okinawa's sea salt "Nuchimasu", a traceability that we require from all our products and ingredients. ■【Proof of excellence】 Manufactured by Watato Co., Ltd., located in Tokyo and founded in Nihonbashihama-cho in 1921, this maker and wholesaler of Kinako confectionery year reached a milestone this year with its 100th anniversary. Furthermore, aiming to make sweets safe and accessible for everyone, we have acquired from the NPO Japan Asia Halal Association the "Halal" certification. ■ Ingredients: Chocolate (vegetable oil and fat, sugar, whole milk powder, cocoa, lactose, cocoa paste) (made in Japan), kinako, sugar syrup, brown sugar (from Okinawa Prefecture), almonds, cocoa beans, buttermilk powder, roasted brown rice powder (made in Japan), salt/emulsifier, flavoring, (also contains soy, almonds and milk ingredients). Expiration date: 21.05.21 Preservation method: Keep in a cool and dry place away from heat and direct sunlight.

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