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Café Genshin Japanese Gift Mug & Plate Set Flowers Pattern Brown

Café Genshin Japanese Gift Mug & Plate Set Flowers Pattern Brown

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We have selected this traditional set of made in Japan porcelain cup and plate for you to best enjoy your Café Genshin.

Enjoy this set of Tobe Ware mug and plate with its cute spherical shape and soft on the lips well-rounded edges.

About Tobe Ware

Renown as the best pottery village in the whole Shikoku (one of the main islands of Japan), Tobe is located in the district of Iyo, in the Ehime prefecture. The manufacturing in the area can be traced back to the Edo Period (1603-1868), a long history honored and recognized in 1976 when the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry certified it as a "Traditional Craft" (label for high quality handmade crafts for daily products). Featuring a beautiful white surface, these crafts are often appreciated for their ergonomic and practicality.

About the potter

Ayumu Matsuda was born in 1975 in Matsuyama City. His grandfather was the eminent Testuyama Matsuda (of the Tetsuyama Kiln), accredited as the holder of Important Intangible Cultural Property of Tobe. After graduating from high-school in 1994, Ayumu San studied the fine art of pottery at Tobe and Midoriko ware Kilns. The following year, he studied the basics of ceramic production at the Ehime Prefectural Ceramics Research Institute (currently the Ceramics Technology Center). The year after, he entered the Saga Prefectural Arita Ceramics College to learn sketching and overpainting at the painting department. After his graduation, he joined the Arita Kiln of porcelain, where he was mainly in charge of overpainting. He returned to Ehime in 1999 and opened the Tobe Ware Matsuda Kiln.
Although he was still working alone at the time, he established his own company, Sukoshiya Co., Ltd. in 2005, the year he got married. From there on, Ayumu San has been working assiduously with his wife and staff members, aiming to transmit the beauty and warmth of handmade crafts.
Awards and distinctions: Selected for the Nagasaki Ceramics Exhibition - Selected for the Western Crafts Exhibition - Ehime Traditional Crafts Award
Received the second prize at the Tobe Ware new work Exhibition Grand Prize, and more...

Product Information

Size: Approximatively 8.8x6.5 cm
Handle: Approximatively width 3.5cm
Materials: Porcelain
Made in Japan


Size: Width 7.8 - Depth 7.8 - Height 1.5 cm
Materials: Porcelain
Made in Japan

Microwavable, Dishwasher-safe
Not suitable for Ovens and Open Flames.
Please note that because it is hand-painted using natural ceramic stones and minerals, the texture and color may differ slightly depending on the baking.