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Café Genshin Cup & Plate Set [Hasami Ware] Forest & Bird (Brown)

Café Genshin Cup & Plate Set [Hasami Ware] Forest & Bird (Brown)

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We have selected this traditional set of made in Japan porcelain cup and plate for you to best enjoy your Café Genshin.

Feel like transported to an ancestral Japanese forest with this design including two of the cutest Japanese birds there is (a Bull-Headed Shrike & a Meadow Bunting). (Small black spots and unevenness can be seen due to the glaze. Please note that it is a product specificity.)

Hasami Ware Background

Hasami Ware is a type of Japanese pottery craft with more than 400 years of history, said to have been born in 1599 (4th year of Keicho, in the Japanese calendar). Even nowadays, it still accounts for about 16% of the daily-used tableware in Japan, but has long been sold under the denomination "Arita Ware". It's only recently that the Hasami Ware technique was strictly labelled to comprise solely the crafts from the eponymous city, synonym of high quality and modern design.

About the production area

Hasami Wares are produced in the town of Hasami, Higashisonogi County, in the northern part of the Nagasaki Prefecture, in the south of Kyushu (one of Japan 3 main islands). It is adjacent to the town of Arita, in the Saga Prefecture, famous for its pottery.
Including a total area of about 56㎢ and a population of 15,000 people, it is said that 20 to 30% of this population work in the pottery industry.

Product Information

[CUP] Bull-Headed Shrike design

φ8.2×H7cm 200ml
Materials: Pottery
Made in Japan

[Plate] Meadow Bunting design

Materials: Pottery
Made in Japan