Isehikari rice (300g) - 10 packs set


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A superior product packed with a unique aesthetic makes for this authentic Japanese rice, well offered during traditional Shinto ceremonies.

worked diligently with our partner to perfect a delectable vacuum packing that would ease stockpiling, preserve the distinct freshness and quality of this rice while also lengthening its lifespan.

With the Mizuhiki (decorative Japanese cord) printed on the front, our rice was designed to be offered as-is, so don’t hesitate mailing it to your friend as a surprise! Perhaps they may get blessed with the good luck said to be brought by that “luminous rice” (the literal meaning of Isehikari).

The rice Isehikari comprises two variants: a traditional white rice for your distinguished meals, and a brown alternative to keep your carbohydrates intake low. Nevertheless, both those products are cultivated with 50% fewer pesticides on average than their competitors.

Background Story

In Japanese, “hikari” (光) means “light”. Isehikari rice is consequently the “ luminous rice” or the “miraculous rice”. This designation was chosen in 1989 when 2 typhoons hit the paddy field of Ise Jingū and destroyed more than half of the land. In the aftermath of the Storm, only a few rice plants survived, and were given the name of "Isehikari".


Raw material: Isehikari rice from Shiga prefecture (Japan)

Content: 300 g (about 2 cups)

Use by: Optimally up to 1 Year after the date printed on the back

Share a piece of Japan with your loved one with this original 10 packs set

In Japan, it is a common tradition to share products you brought back from abroad with your family or colleagues: this is called an omiyage ! This way, everyone can cook a little piece of Japan, anytime, anywhere ! You too, delight your beloved ones with a piece of Japan for them to appreciate.

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