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Surprise Your Clients And Employees With Traditional Corporate Gifts Made in Japan

Corporate Gifts Online Made in Japan

TOMO offers a collection of products made in Japan perfect for corporate gifts and add originality compared to traditional coffee or pencils.

TOMO shares a wide range of gifts, from premium brown rice coffee to traditional wasanbon wagashi, with customizable options and gift boxes.

TOMO only produces and shares original sweets and dinnerware made in Japan, with the craft and collaboration of Japanese farmers and partners. TOMO’s corporate gifts are suitable for all, no matter the gender or the age.

If you are interested in offering corporate gifts made in Japan to your clients, we can prepare and ship directly to your recipient. TOMO can also deliver internationally.

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Choose TOMO For Your Corporate Gifts Made in Japan

Corporate gifts are essential to strengthen your business: through the magic of gifting, you can make your employees feel appreciated and create chemistry with your clients and business partners.

There are several occasions to offer corporate gifts: to celebrate national holidays, for your business events, to reward your employees, a teammate’s birthday…

TOMO offers unique corporate gifts made in Japan, and we can deliver your gift in Japan or worldwide. All you need is to contact us by email at or through our contact form.

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Why are TOMO’s Made in Japan Corporate Gifts the Best Quality For Your Company?

TOMO aims to convey Japanese offering culture around the world. We do our best to provide natural products made in Japan. We support Japanese traditions and agriculture. Our packaging, farmers and partners are all based in Japan.

Furthermore, TOMO is health-conscious and does its best to offer tasty, nourishing yet natural foods and drinks. By offering a Japanese corporate gift with TOMO, you will strengthen your bonds with your employees and clients while adding a smile on their face.

Offer The Best Corporate Gifts Made in Japan With TOMO

Like you, we spend a lot of time in the office. We meet our colleagues as much as our own family. So it is better to have a good atmosphere at work and make our bond stronger.

No matter the occasion, TOMO corporate gifts will help for building healthy relationships for your business!

Pick among different categories for your corporate gift!

All of our items are made in Japan, available online, eligible for worldwide shipping and gift wrapping service. TOMO offers Japanese wagashi, Japanese chocolates, Genshin brown rice coffee, tea sets and more. Some of our Japanese sweets are halal certified and are certified with the coat of arms of Monaco. You will definitely find the PERFECT corporate gift made in Japan with TOMO!


Wagashi Gifts From Japan For Your Company

TOMO Japanese wagashi gifts are perfect for any occasion: birthdays, holidays, business celebrations… TOMO also offers delicious Japanese Halal Chocolates made from Japanese natural ingredients. They will be the ideal corporate gift you need!

Easy-to-Use Ikebana Tools Made in Japan

TOMO’s ikebana tools are beginners-friendly and effortlessly easy to use. For your client or your employees, ikebana tools are original yet useful Japanese gifts. TOMO Bouquet Keeper is the perfect gift for those who often get flower bouquets and want to keep their flowers fresh for a long time. TOMO Ikebana Keeper is the ideal corporate gift for those who like flower arrangements. It is perfect for decorating your office in an elegant way!


Genshin Brown Rice Coffee is the Perfect Gift
For Your Employees and Clients

TOMO Genshin is a Japanese caffeine-free coffee alternative. This Japanese corporate gift idea is tasty and refreshing, your client and employees will love it! Pregnant/breastfeeding women can enjoy it safely. Genshin has no coffee beans and it is organic. Contact TOMO to order this amazing corporate gift made in Japan!

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Mini Sake Bottles For Your Corporate Gifts

Why don’t you use TOMO’s mini sake bottles for your corporate gifts made in Japan? TOMO offers Junmai-ginjo-shu and Tokubetsu-junmai-shu sake, ideal for a business gift destined to your clients or employees. These bottles come from the Japanese brewery Hakutaka.

TOMO Sakaki Cleansing Mist is an Original Japanese Gift

Japanese Sakaki is known for its bright green color and high quality. It is ideal for large scale corporate gifts.

TOMO Sakaki Cleansing Mist is alcohol-free, made from natural ingredients and gently sanitizes hands and desired areas. Your clients will also love this gift! Give it a try and contact TOMO Japanese Online Gift Shop!


Offer Japanese Skincare Cocon Doré Sérum For Your Business Gift

TOMO Cocon Doré Sérum is an all-in-one skincare adapted to all skin types. It is moisturizing and adapted to business trips and for busy people. TOMO Cocon Doré Sérum is the perfect corporate gift for your busy clients and employees.

Get the Best Personalized Gifts Made in Japan For Your Business

Add your company name and personalized message with your Japanese gift! Pick the Japanese gift of your choice and contact TOMO for your order!

Deliver Your Corporate Gift Made in Japan Everywhere!

We can deliver your business gift directly to your office, hotel or the address of the recipient with tracked shipping. Contact TOMO to know more.

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