Try this simple hack to preserve your vascular age for a younger look and healthier lifestyle!

Do you know your vascular age?

In 10 minutes, a machine called “Cavi” can measure it! It also shows how stiff your arteries are, how clogged they are, and of course how old your blood vessels are.

If you are curious about your own vascular age, you should definitely try to measure yours in your local hospital or clinic that is equipped with a CAVI system.

It is said that if your blood vessels are young, you look young. This is why it can be a good idea to pay more attention to your vascular age.

Blood pressure is an important factor for keeping blood vessels young and healthy. If you have high blood pressure, your blood vessels become damaged, stiffened and you will suffer from all the burden related to it.

You might raise your vascular age on a daily basis without knowing it: caffeine contained in coffee, tea, energy drinks or other soft drinks raise your blood glucose levels, your level of adrenaline and consequently your blood pressure.

This means that blood pressure control and caffeine control are both important to protect your blood vessels.

To do so, you can make simple changes in your routine. For example, you can switch your daily coffee with a caffeine-free alternative like Café Genshin or Genshin coffee.

Try this simple hack to improve your vascular age for a younger look |TOMO Café Genshin Roasted Brown Rice Coffee


To maintain your youthfulness, you should reduce your daily amount of caffeine. This easy tip will help you stabilize your blood pressure and take care of your blood vessels. The younger your vascular age is, the better! 

Now, let’s talk more about how your body works!

We spoke a lot about vascular age, but do you know the purpose of the secretion of endothelial cells? Or perhaps have you heard about nitric oxide? It is a colorless gas secreted by the endothelial cells of blood vessels that helps prevent heart attacks and strokes.

Nitric oxide has 3 functions:

  1. Stabilizing blood pressure

  2. Protecting blood vessels

  3. Preventing arteriosclerosis

Nitric oxide dilates arteries and promotes blood flow, thus stabilizing blood pressure. It also repairs inflammation in blood vessels and removes blood clots. It also helps maintain healthy blood vessels for keeping a young vascular age.

One of the best foods you can consume that stimulates the secretion of nitric oxide is ginger.

Ginger contains gingerol, a pungent component that promotes blood circulation, and also helps warming up your body. If you want to know more about the incredible health benefits of warming up your body (even in summer, yes!), you should definitely read this article!

An efficient, easy and tasty way to consume ginger and control your caffeine intake for a young vascular age is Ginger Genshin.

Try this simple hack to improve your vascular age for a younger look |TOMO Café Genshin Roasted Brown Rice Coffee Ginger Genshin


Ginger Genshin (“Jinja Genshin” in Japanese; literally “Shrine Genshin”) is a roasted brown rice coffee mixed with Japanese ginger. This delicious drink has a fresh flavor and it is caffeine-free.

Just like your skin, you want to keep your blood vessels supple and healthy. So you want a young vascular age. The medicinal properties of ginger and the power of Japanese brown rice contained in Ginger Genshin may be the answer to your wish!

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If you know a place that would be interested, we would be very happy if you would recommend Ginger Genshin to them!

We also plan to start selling to individual customers as well.


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