5 Simple Secrets of People Who Are Always in a Good Mood

Before discussing how to be happy on a Monday morning, let's start by defining what "being in a good mood" is. 
According to the Cambridge dictionary, being in a good mood means having happy feelings or showing pleasure.

As humans, our mood varies depending on many factors: the lack of sleep and a nice day at the beach can influence our mental state. Your mood also changes depending on your personality, whether you are a calm person or easily stressed, whether you are organized or you prefer to be carried away by the flow of events.

5 Simple Secrets of People Who Are Always in a Good Mood|供TOMO Blog

Why should you be in a good mood? 

When you are in a good mood, it is easier to spend a pleasant day, to be nice with your surroundings, to be more productive, to protect both your mental and physical health. Studies show that a positive way of thinking has an impact on the healing process of certain diseases.

When we are in a good mood, the brain produces:
  • dopamine, which helps you being productive 
  • serotonin, which helps reducing stress
  • endorphins, which trigger happiness 
Moreover, being in a good mood helps to avoid stress, depression, and to maintain healthy relationships. Some people even say that it would help them to keep a young face and to live longer!

5 Simple Secrets of People Who Are Always in a Good Mood|供TOMO Blog

How to be in a good mood?

As you can see, being in a good mood depends on several factors, both subjective and objective. Bad weather or train delays are beyond your control. Nevertheless, it is possible to influence your mood by focusing on the elements you can control yourself.

1. Have a morning routine

    Have you ever heard of the expression "nexting"? This concept comes from the expression "next thing" and refers to the psychological process by which the brain predicts what will happen next. For example, if you've booked a flight to Hawaii and you're afraid of flying, you can think about your arrival and the wonderful weather there to reduce your stress on the plane.

    Having an established morning routine helps with motivation because you will start the day with something you enjoy. This can be a good breakfast, taking care of your plants, or even a facial yoga session to gently wake up and tone up your appearance. On Marie’s Instagram, a French facial yoga teacher in Japan, you will find many easy and short exercises to try.

    5 Simple Secrets of People Who Are Always in a Good Mood|供TOMO Blog

    2. Mobilize your body

    The benefits of sport are no longer up for debate, and there are many studies on this subject.

    Exercising does not mean joining a gym and condemning yourself to a strict workout. It can be a simple walk, a 30-minute jog, a Sunday afternoon at the pool...

    If you feel lonely, team training can also be an interesting alternative: being social increases your feeling of importance, and thus contributes to a good mood!

    For yoga and meditation enthusiasts, FLOWRA retreats can be an opportunity to meet new people while strengthening your body and mind!

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    5 Simple Secrets of People Who Are Always in a Good Mood|供TOMO

    2. Learn how to sleep

    Learning how to fall asleep easily and get a good night's sleep needs a little research but is not impossible. All you really need is an understanding of how your body works. 

    Here is the daily life of many of us: you wake up (often tired), you drink your first cup of coffee of the day, you arrive grumpy at your workplace, time flies, you are then too tired to do any physical activity or even read, but at the same time you can't fall asleep because you drank too much coffee during the day... So you fall asleep late, you get up early, and the cycle continues. Not to mention the tasks you must have forgotten (because lack of sleep makes you dizzy), the vase you must have broken because of your morning rush, etc...

    5 Simple Secrets of People Who Are Always in a Good Mood|供TOMO

    So what is the secret for a good night's sleep? Brown rice coffee!

    Rice coffee, also called "Genshin" in Japan, does not contain caffeine and it has no coffee beans. It helps you balance your caffeine intake during the day, so you can fall asleep more easily. The next day, you feel better, in a better mood, you have the energy to go for a walk or even start that book you've been waiting to read for months!

    Genshin is made from rice, the mainstay of Japanese cuisine, known to be one of the healthiest in the world. It would be foolish not to trust the Japanese!

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    5 Simple Secrets of People Who Are Always in a Good Mood|供TOMO

    4. Have a balanced diet

    For good nutrition, you should avoid processed foods as much as possible, and eat seasonal and colorful foods. There are many quick and easy recipes on the internet, so no more excuses!

    You are what you eat. A well-balanced diet helps you stay in shape, keep your skin healthy, and contributes to a good mood!

    Of course, hydration is just as important. Drinking water, sugar-free and caffeine-free beverages such as barley tea or brown rice coffee will help avoid headaches and thus the inconvenience of having a permanent pain sensation that will affect your mood.

    If you find it difficult to drink water or unsweetened beverages, Genshin brown rice coffee is the best option. You can easily customize it by adding cinnamon, ginger powder or honey.

    5. Avoiding addictions

    Being addicted to something causes a feeling of dissatisfaction when you lack that thing, and you are then in a bad mood. Addiction can even contribute to depression. Tobacco, alcohol and caffeine are among the most well-known addictions.

    To avoid caffeine addiction, it is possible to turn to alternatives to coffee. The most common coffee substitutes are decaffeinated coffee, chicory coffee, and brown rice coffee

        Genshin brown rice coffee has no added sugar or additives. It is organic certified (JAS) and it is made with Japanese traditional craftsmanship. Genshin warms up your body and boosts your metabolism. If you like genmai-cha, brown rice or if you are just curious, you can get some here.

        5 Simple Secrets of People Who Are Always in a Good Mood|供TOMO

        Unlike coffee, Genshin brown rice coffee also has the advantage of not giving you a dry mouth. You can stay hydrated throughout the day and avoid cramps and headaches.


        To stay in a good mood, it's best to start the day off right with a morning routine. Doing some physical activity, even a 5-minute walk, will help you to breathe and feel better about yourself. Understanding your body and getting a good night's sleep will help you avoid stress and caffeine addiction, which is detrimental to your body and mental health. Genshin brown rice coffee helps avoid overconsumption of caffeine, helps you stay in a good mood and thus protects your mental and physical health.