How to drink your Genshin Coffee



With the sachet version, brew one sachet of Genshin coffee in 200 ml of hot water. With the drip version, you can simply prepare your cup of Genshin with a coffee machine or with the pour-over method .



Pour your 2 tetra bags or Genshin Coffee in 1L of water, and let it sit in the refrigerator for 2-3 hours. Add ice cubes according to your preference.



Pour 75ml of Genshin Coffee and add 125ml of milk of your choice. For more flavor, you can add cinnamon sugar, honey or ginger powder.

With your oatmeal

TOMO Genshin Brown Rice Coffee Oatmeal recipe

Add 7 grams of Genshin Coffee to your favorite oatmeal recipes for a subtle and delicious flavor! Check out one of our favorite recipes from one of our customers on Instagram by clicking here!

In your dessert recipes


Add Genshin Coffee to your favorite dessert recipes! Looking for inspiration? Check out this vegan coffee jelly recipe or check out our recipe blog!

In your savory plates


Bring umami and richness to your savory dishes! In galettes or in your curry, Genshin Coffee will enhance the taste of your favorite everyday dishes!