How to Stay Awake With These 3 Japanese Secrets

Do you often feel exhausted? Do you feel your energy peak suddenly going low at work? Do you want to stop being sleepy and feel energized all day long? No worries, Japan has a solution for you. In this article, you will discover 3 Japanese secrets that will help you stay full of energy naturally!

Japanese Secret Number 1: The Japanese Diet

If you want to stay awake and focused, you must be careful about what you are eating and how nutritious your food is.

Japan is known for its low obesity rate and healthy diet. But have you ever wondered how Japan could maintain such a low rate?

The answer is simple: the traditional Japanese diet is made from minimally processed and seasonal food. Simply cooked (the food is mostly grilled, boiled, or fermented like miso), the Japanese diet is rich in nutrients that help you stay healthy and most importantly, awake.

Snacks in Japan are not as heavy or sugary compared to the ones you can find in western countries. For example, Chocolats Café Genshin can be compared to energy balls that give you the sweetness and nutrients you need thanks to its healthy ingredients: Okinawa salt, cacao, and Genshin brown rice coffee powder.

How to Stay Awake With These 3 Japanese Secrets - Chocolats Café Genshin|TOMO Blog

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Although pasta, bread, or pizza can be easily found in Japan, lots of Japanese restaurant chains offer Japanese meals on their menu. The Japanese diet brings you everything you need to stay healthy and full of energy: proteins (mostly soy and fish), seasonal veggies prepared with healthy cooking methods, pickles, and carbs (white rice or brown rice).

Japanese Secret Number 2: Rajio Taiso (radio calisthenics)

The second Japanese secret to staying awake is exercise!

Nowadays, most of us have a sedentary lifestyle and lack exercise. But did you know that physical activity can help you feel more energized and boost your productivity? 

How to Stay Awake With These 3 Japanese Secrets - Rajio Taiso|TOMO Blog

Several American studies have shown the connection between exercise (even a short walk) and body energy. In Japan, they often practice radio calisthenics, also called “rajio taisō”(ラジオ体操) in Japanese. Radio calisthenics is a warm-up performed to music and guidance from radio or TV. They are popular in Asia, and especially in Japan. Everyone can take part in rajio taiso: the youngest like the elderly. You can even find different levels according to your body capacity!

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Taking a break from a long period of sedentarism by doing regular stretching or physical activities can help you relieve sleepiness and it can have a real impact on daytime tiredness. If you are a beginner, rajio taiso can be a good way to start!

Japanese Secret Number 3: Brown Rice Coffee

Have you ever tried Japanese roasted brown rice coffee to stay awake?

Also called “Genshin”, has been used since ancient times in Japan as a natural remedy. Genshin is caffeine-free and it is a popular Japanese coffee alternative. Drinking brown rice coffee helps warm up your body and boost your immune system. And no need to say that a better immune system leads to more energy!

Fighting dehydration with Japanese brown rice coffee

Dehydration can cause fatigue, and Japanese brown rice coffee is an excellent way to stay hydrated (even for those who don’t like water), and naturally avoid sleepiness. Genshin brown rice coffee does not have an astringent taste or diuretic effect. You can safely enjoy this Japanese drink.

How to Stay Awake With These 3 Japanese Secrets - Genshin Brown Rice Coffee|TOMO Blog

Avoid sleep issues with Japanese brown rice coffee

Genshin brown rice coffee is a coffee alternative, which means you can drink it all day long without worrying about your caffeine intake. Caffeine consumed at the wrong time of the day has an impact on your sleep quality. If you want to learn more about the relationship between caffeine and your health, we recommend this article: Do you know how much caffeine you drink daily?

If you have a coffee craving past 3 PM, Japanese brown rice coffee is an excellent drink to try. With Genshin brown rice coffee, you will wake up fresh and ready to start your day. A screen-free morning and a quick walk under the sunlight will also boost your mood and help you start your day with positivity and energy.

How to Stay Awake With These 3 Japanese Secrets - Genshin Brown Rice Coffee|TOMO Blog

Boost your immune system with Japanese brown rice coffee

In Japanese, the expression “on-katsu” refers to the art of warming up your body to boost your immune system. To do so, you can take a warm bath, go for a run, and drink roasted brown rice coffee. On-katsu is said to promote hair growth, better skin and so much more. If you want to learn more about on-katsu, you can read this article: Discover "on-katsu", the Japanese art of warming up your body

Where to buy Japanese brown rice coffee?


The Japanese lifestyle is healthy. Japanese diet, rajio taiso exercises, and Genshin brown rice coffee are 3 Japanese secrets you can try to stay awake, boost your productivity, and feel energized all day long.

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