Why Should You Try These Japanese Wellness Gifts For White Day?

In this article, we will introduce you to wellness gifts in Japan for White Day, but no matter the occasion or whether you are shopping for your lover, friend’s birthday or yourself, a wellness gift is often a good idea. It shows that you care for the person’s well-being.

What is White Day?

White Day is a Japanese annual celebration on March 14, one month after Valentine's Day. On this day, people give reciprocal gifts to those who gave them gifts received on Valentine's Day.

If you want to learn more about Valentine’s Day in Japan, you can read this article: 3 Facts that Make Valentine's Day in Japan So Special.


Why Should You Offer a Japanese Wellness Gift?

WHO describes health as “Health is a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity.” Health is the most precious thing we have. Wellness practices are wide, there are many potential gifts for someone who is health-conscious or needs self-care items. For caffeine sensitivity issues, Café Genshin can be helpful. For active people, Chocolats Café Genshin are packed with nutrients, which makes them a good snack before going to the gym.


Japanese Wellness Gifts Recommandations

1. Healthy Nutritious Japanese Chocolates: Chocolats Café Genshin (Natural, Gluten-Free)


These Japanese chocolates have been one of Amazon’s best sellers for the past years.

They are made in Japan, from healthy and natural ingredients:

  • Café Genshin powder: brown rice coffee is a grain-based coffee substitute made from Japanese roasted brown rice. It is caffeine-free and it contains no coffee beans or tea leaves. Brown rice is known for being rich in vitamins and minerals. It even contains up to 10 times more vitamin B1 than white rice.

  • Japanese Nuchimasu salt from Okinawa Islands: Nuchimasu salt is known for its high mineral content. It contains 200 times more magnesium and 10 times more potassium than other salts. Magnesium is essential for the muscles, it is beneficial for sleep quality, and generally for heart health and brain function.

  • Kinako (Japanese soybean flour): Kinako, contains protein, vitamins, and minerals. It also contains soy isoflavone, a type of polyphenol, which plays a major role in maintaining women's beauty and health thanks to its chemical structure similar to that of female hormones (estrogen).

Where to shop Japanese Chocolats Café Genshin for a Wellness Gift:

2. The Japanese Sugar Packed with Minerals: TOMO Wasanbon Sugars (Natural, Gluten-Free)


TOMO Wasanbon is a Japanese dry sweet. It is a delicate and rare sugar, produced with care with the same traditional recipe for more than 200 years in Japan.

This original sugar is made from a special type of sugar cane called chikusha, which grows exclusively in Kagawa and Tokushima prefectures, on Shikoku Island. It contains minerals such as calcium, magnesium, iron, zinc and more.

TOMO Wasanbon can be used like a traditional sugar to sweeten your beverage (tea, TOMO Genshin brown rice coffee, etc.). You can also eat it like candy.

  • Other wellness points: natural, vegan, gluten-free, chemical-free


Where to shop Japanese TOMO Wasanbon for a Wellness Gift:

3.  Organic Japanese Cereal Coffee Alternative: TOMO Café Genshin (Caffeine-free, Sugar-Free)

【ウエルネスドリンク】日本のオーガニック玄米珈琲 供TOMOカフェ玄神(玄米コーヒー、ノンカフェイン、グルテンフリー)

Be carried away to a stress-free Japan in one sip with Café Genshin! This grain-based coffee alternative from Japan has been used as a folk remedy since ancient times. Café Genshin is caffeine-free, chemical-free and it does not contain any coffee beans or tea leaves.

This Japanese coffee alternative has a unique flavor and aroma. You can brew it like coffee or infuse it like tea.

Café Genshin is the best Japanese coffee alternative for people suffering from caffeine sensitivity. Café Genshin helps warm up the body, which boosts the immune system.

  • For who? Pregnant women with coffee cravings, people suffering from caffeine sensitivity, people who wants to decrease their caffeine intake for their health

  • Other wellness points: organic (JAS certified), safe for children and the elderly, natural, vegan, gluten-free, chemical-free, caffeine-free

  • 2 flavors: plain or ginger

【ウエルネスドリンク】日本のオーガニック玄米珈琲 供TOMOカフェ玄神(玄米コーヒー、ノンカフェイン、グルテンフリー)

Where to shop Japanese TOMO Wasanbon for a Wellness Gift:

Gift Wrapping For Your Japanese Wellness Gifts

If you would like to offer a gift, we will place your product in a bag or gift box corresponding to the size of the product. We will take care to select the appropriate ribbon or sticker for your gift. Do not hesitate to let us know of any special request in the dedicated section at checkout. To learn more about our gift wrapping service, click here.

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